The creation of this Cd-rom was made possible thanks to the contribution of several persons or institutions that we wish to acknowledge:

  • The CEPED and particularly André Quesnel, Executive Director of CEPED, Research Director at IRD, as well as William Molmy, General Secretary of CEPED, for their support and encouragements.
  • The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGCID, General Directorate for International Cooperation and Development) who financed our project.
  • Pierre Chabert who programmed the bibliographic database with GenIsisCD software (a tool to develop CD-ROM’s interfaces for CDS/ISIS databases), which is distributed free of charge by UNESCO.
  • Stéphane Brabant who produced the CD-ROM’s models and design:
  • Imédia, communication et multimédia, Dakar for the technical production:
  • Florence Waïtzenegger-Lalou who translated the text from French into English.
  • The conference "Childhood and AIDS" co-organised by the AFD (French Agency for Development) along with ANRS (French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis),the Health Centre of the City of Science and Industry, ESTHER – a public-interest grouping aiming at providing medical treatment in developing countries through hospitals and social networks, The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sidaction, SIDA-ENTREPRISES and UNICEF with the support of the City of Paris (June 15-16 2006). The conference sponsored the translation of this review into English. All members of the scientific and pilot committee of this conference as well as Delphine Leterriet-Hoteit, the conference Secretary, need to be thanked for their support and for the visibility that they wished to give to this work for this occasion. All information on this conference (and this bibliographic review) are found on the Web site:
  • Stéphane Tourné, photographer.
  • Our colleagues and friends Agnès Guillaume, Benoît Ferry, Marc Pilon, Yacouba Yaro, Philippe Antoine, for their suggestions and careful proofreading.
  • The publishers of reviews and database and the documentalists who allowed us to use their collections of documents and bibliographic database.